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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tokay Gecko, Little Introduction

Indonesia is one of the island country of immense natural and cultural charm. Despite the political and economic conditions are far from stable, Indonesia was still able to enchant the world, with all kinds of charm. Tropical climate is quite distinctive, making it a perfect place for different kinds of exotic and amazing fauna to live. And these amazing reptiles, may be one reason that could be popularized to the world of Indonesia's natural beauty.
Gecko, yes that's a popular name in the community. This reptile turned out to have a lot of amazing stories. Perhaps this is also what makes geckos have a very high value in various circles. The various stories and myths accompany the gecko in its history. Starting from the myth of the tokay gecko as a talisman of luck, and or the rumors that have emerge saying that this nocturnal reptile can cure AIDS. If the first house geckos are not very popular in society, but unlike today, because whether it is caused by anything; that this explained, tokay gecko in the last couple of years became a topic that lot of people talk about. Starting from the village to elite executives in the big cities have discussed this tokay gecko rumor. So that automatically makes the gecko a commodity with a very high price. In Indonesia itself, has a lot of news stories and discuss the advantages and benefits of this reptile. With rumors circulating that the house geckos are able to cure AIDS, making the price reaches millions to billions of rupiah. Although there is no scientific evidence or research that says the house geckos are able to cure AIDS, but high demand for it often appeared in public. Indeed, it is evident in Chinese medicine techniques, geckos are able to cure some diseases. Diseases such as porters, and as a supplement to add strength. Even some house geckos skin is used as craft and decoration materials. Until this very day, the house geckos phenomenon continues. With a variety of excuses that circulate in the community, making the price of the higher reptiles. It's much buying or selling a house gecko is happening in Indonesia, and mostly done by foreign buyers from other countries. About the truth of this, I, as the owner of this blog is still not know for sure. And this is one of the reasons I made this blog, to share information with the world.
Looking at current conditions, particularly in Indonesia's population own a house gecko has been reduced. According to Indonesian agriculture official, house geckos great potential to reduce insect pests that often interfere with the farmers, because it is the staple food of most geckos are a variety of insects. So, is geckos will eventually become endangered animals? With the increasing buying or selling a house gecko is happening in Indonesia and other countries, the scarcity of house geckos are likely to occur. It is just a matter of time.

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