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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Show Affection to a Cat

Cats love to give and receive affections. They are a true companion for those who are shut in, living alone, or cannot go outside and walk a pet. They enjoy nuzzling, and will let you know when you are holding them too tightly. Learn to show them affection and they will respond two-fold.


1.Never be afraid to nuzzle up close. Cats who are used to you love a little contact every now and then.

2.Play with the cat. Toys that they love are ping-pong balls, strings with a bell or feather at the end, large (too large to eat!) crunchy candy wrappers, (plastic) bottle caps, laser-pointers (prevent shining in the eyes and mind the condition of younger cats as they will not stop playing), and the plastic things that you take off a milk jug in order to open it (use only those that come off as an intact ring; cats can swallow the ones that break). Toss the balls around. Dangle the string and run it along the floor with the bell or feather gliding along the ground. This will pique the curiosity of most cats and they will follow you to see what happens next.

3.Pet the cat and be affectionate. Cats like to be petted gently, and some prefer being scratched instead of stroked. Their favorite spots to be petted are under their chin, on their cheeks (rub them just as they rub their faces on corners), on the bridge of the nose (only if they really trust you), behind the ears, the thinly furred patches in front of their ears, and on the back. Some cats like their tail, stomach, or paws petted, but many don't.

4.Do not be afraid to use a high pitched tone. Although it may make you feel awkward if you are not used to cats, they MAY love it if you talk to them in a "baby voice". A cat's tail is the best way to judge their likes and dislikes. A curl at the end signals pleasure, whereas a straight tail shows dislikes.

5.Many cats enjoy being brushed, but make sure you obtain the proper brush. Cats are tremendously variable in the sensitivity of their skin. Some prefer very stiff, scratchy brushes, scoffing at less, while others can only tolerate very soft ones. Experiment to find what your cat prefers. Don’t give up! Eventually you will find the one that gives that delicious feel that will make your cat love being brushed.

6.Make sure that you treat you cat like a cat: gently pet it and ask the cat's owner if they like being picked up, scratched, etc. Cats are so different from dogs in ways such as: Cats will not play fetch. Most cats won't run with you. If you try to wrestle with a cat, they may not like it, and even if they do like it, you'll probably end up getting hurt.


* Don't aggravate the cat. If he or she starts baring its teeth or hissing or moving its tail back and forth quickly, back off and change your approach. Try again with something the cat will find less threatening.

* Don't chase a nervous cat. Many cats will be more likely to approach you if you ignore them. When they finally do come close, let them smell you before trying to touch them. If the cat's ears are moved to the back of its head it means they dislike what you are doing to them, so come back and try something else that they might like.

* Looming over a cat makes them nervous; it is what predators do just before they attack. Take yourself down to the cat’s level. Sit or squat so that they can be more or less face to face with you. When petting, rather than lowering your hand down from above (too much like a hawk swooping down), bring it in from the side or below, and gradually work your way to the top of the cat.


* While cats may adore rubber bands and hair bands, they are likely to eat them, which is very dangerous. Avoid these!
* Make sure string and similar toys are played with only under supervision. If swallowed they can cause serious damage to a cats intestines. If your cat does swallow it, do not pull it out of their mouth or rear end.
* Don't show a cat affection through food. Giving cats treats in the form of titbits often leads to an unhealthy cat.

Source: Wikihow

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