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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handling Tokay geckos

Your Tokay gecko doesn't like you

Tokay geckos have nothing but attitude! They don't like to be held and it should be avoided if possible.Tokay geckos have one powerful bite and will latch onto you like a pitbull, not wanting to let go. Their bites could cause great injury to children.

Never grab your tokay from behind! As with all geckos, the Tokays tail can be autotomized or dropped. Its tail will eventually grow back but never be the same again.

Every so often you may find an adult Tokay that will tolerate being held but thats a great exception. Your best bet if you want to hold your gecko is to get a baby.Then you have a chance at taming it. Its gonna be a pretty much hands off pet though but they are beautiful to look at!!


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