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Friday, May 14, 2010

Multiple Iguanas

The short answer to the question of whether or not you may house multiple iguanas in the same cage or living space is "no". The longer answer is that all iguanas have different personalities and some will get along well and some will not. As juveniles, most iguanas tend to live in harmony amongst one another. Do keep this in mind when you are considering adding another iguana to your pet collection. An apparent "friendship" between juvenile iguanas may turn sour within just a few months as they both mature. Males tend to be the most aggressive and territorial. Adult males frequently quarrel, and male/female groups can also get quite rowdy if the male is interested in mating. Groups of females tend to get along better than groups that contain even one male, but females can be territorial as well and problems might arise. Sometimes iguanas can hurt each other quite badly, so if you are thinking of purchasing more than one iguana you must be prepared to separate them if their situation calls for it. This means being prepared to have two separate cages for them, two separate heating and lighting systems, and two food bowls. If your time, space, or resources will not allow this, I suggest keeping only one iguana. You never know, without experimentation, how your particular iguana will react to another iguana.

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