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Friday, May 21, 2010

Care and Feeding your Tokay Geckos

Time for your Tokay Geckos to Shine

Tokay geckos are mostly carnivorous with the occasional sweet tooth. You can choose crickets to mealworms to pinkies.Generally the faster it moves the faster it goes down!

Always preload and vitamin dust your offerings,this guarantees proper nutrition.Tokay geckos tend to eat alot and with some authority. You can easily expect to feed them a dozen large crickets every other day.Try to put some fruit baby food in the cage once in awhile.

Your Tokay geckos will most likely not drink from a still water source. I would try one elevated in the cage but not on the substrate.There are waterfall and other flowing water appliances you could try, so plan on misting the Tokay tank at least twice a day.

If your tokay gecko shows signs of trouble shedding, check the humidity of its tank. Also add what I call a sweatbox. Basically its just sauna. Take some cork, the rounded half log type works best, and place it over some moistened moss.If nothing seems to work try spraying some Shed-Ease on it. This should help but remember not to try to pull it off yourself.


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