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Friday, May 14, 2010

Myths and Legends on Geckos Railway

As one of the reptiles that may be less popular as pets, geckos proved to have a background that was impressive. In fact, these reptiles often helped color the human life in various aspects. In society, especially in southeast asia geckos have many legends and myths in people's lives.
In Indonesia, especially Java many people who believe if there are geckos that occupy our homes, it is believed that the house has a high air of magic. Where possible in the house are heritage objects are believed to be maintained by the geckos. Other Javanese legend also mentions, that the people whose house is inhabited by the house gecko is believed will always have good luck. Especially when the geckos often barking at night.

In Chinese tradition is also believed, geckos, which have a bark as much as 7 or 9 times is a gecko that can bring luck to its possessor. And indeed, usually a gecko would bark with the same amount, no less and no more. Strange, but it's real.

Even in the land of Java there is such a spell to call the geckos in the woods, it is said that the geckos are capable of showing the location of a powerful heritage objects.

Different with the Japanese, they allegedly glorifies these reptiles because they believe that the gecko has a dragon gene, or in other words the reincarnation of the dragon. So that these reptiles often sought to be used to complement an imperial rituals in Japan.

Maybe, there are many other legends and myths that accompany these reptiles, and it was still very trusted by some people in various parts of the world. This is also the cause for geckos to have a high value on the market, for some circles.

For me, the gecko is one of the natural resources we must preserve with proper. Who knows someday geckos would give real benefit for humanity. Maybe one day geckos actually have the ability to cure AIDS.

For the Indonesian, especially Javanese people, preserving geckos also means preserving traditions and cultural from our ancestors.

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