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Friday, May 14, 2010

Several Myth About Indonesian Tokay Gecko In Indonesia

The following will be described myths surrounding the sunter geckos came among communities, some believe there is not. what about you?

Myth 1: Gecko is one animal that knows about the future of the human self.
Many people who try your luck with asking the geckos geckos read. like a rich, promoted, or until the marriage broke up though.

Myth 2: Gecko considered a good luck animal.
many people who assume animal geckos are good luck, as for the features that are trusted by the public which reads odd gecko, geckos who have forked tails facing the sky, etc..

Myth 3: Perceived Gecko can cure AIDS
Recently was widely rumored that the gecko can meyembuhkan aids. some people believe one of the saliva, tongue ato even blood can increase the body’s immune pernyakit that can cure AIDS, although until now there has not issued any agency statment that the gecko can cure AIDS. at least there are some people who tiba2 a gecko milioner akibar sell billions prices.

Myth 4: It is Animal Gecko Dragon Descendants
Some people in Japan believe that the gecko is the animal incarnation of a dragon. therefore there are some people think that gecko is a sacred animal.

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