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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Catch YourTokay Gecko

There are several ways you can use to catch geckos to survive because if we are wrong then the gecko would catch him stress and weight will decrease
how to catch geckos:

1. Fishing With Feathers
gecko loved small feathers, because the thought of insects. Gecko seekers, fur was used as a fishing tool, so that these animals out of the nest.
“Gecko’s like the same hair, mistaken for food. Usually we put the fur on the end sticks or bamboo, and stirred in front of the hole geckos,”
However, it should also be noted, do not be vain to catch the animal using his bare hands, because if the bite is very hard to be released. Thus, additional equipment required, such as tweezers to catch

2. Make Gecko drunk with tobacco
The equipment used to catch geckos as easy, just a stick and a cigarette. Way, cigarettes tied at one end of the stick and then fed to the geckos.
To attract the attention of geckos, rocking a cigarette in front of his eyes. When eating, gecko would get drunk and ready immediately arrested. use fishing nets when the gecko already drunk

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